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October General Meeting Update

Annette Burke
Luana Darby was scheduled to be our guest speaker but due to circumstances beyond her control, she had to cancel. She will be a presenter at a later date. Our talented VP, Annette Burke-Lyttle, took charge with two outstanding presentations “Finding and Using Digitized Manuscript Collections for Genealogical Research” and “Doing a Deep Dive into Collections.”  
If you just type a name in the generic search field on, this is a must presentation for you to become a more accomplished researcher.
Both sessions were well attended and contained information on where to research your family were many researchers would not normally look. The recordings are now available in the "Members Only" section of our website, under "Webinars and Meetings."

October Monday Evening Webinar

At our Monday Evening Webinar in October, Diane asked "Have you explored ledgers?" She said that we can learn so much about your family and the neighborhood through these records.  Store, business (e.g., hotels, livery, stable, distillery, blacksmith, etc), and health related (e.g., Physician, Insane Asylum, etc.) ledgers can link family members and provide many interesting details invaluable to your family history narrative.
Diane said many ledgers are only available off-line, you can determine their existence online using Archivegrid! The recording is now available in the "Members Only" section of our website, under "Webinars and Meetings."

September General Meeting Update

Our September General Meeting offered two interesting presentations by Paula Stuart-Warren, CG. The first, "Preserving Family History, Experiences, and Stories from the Pandemic" where she presented ideas of how to document your COVID-19 story during this pandemic. The information to save and share for future generations.
The bonus presentation by Paula was "Lord Preserve Us! Church Records for Family History Research." Names, dates, relationships, places of new and former residences, burial location, and other details may be learned. Both presentations can be found in the "Members Only" section of our website, under "Webinars and Meetings."

September Monday Evening Webinar

Sanborn Maps was the topic for our September Monday evening webinar with guest speaker Ari Wilkins. Sanborn Maps were used by insurance agents to determine the risks of insuring specific buildings. Who knew that they can be used with census records and city directories to reconstruct communities.
Google Earth is a free software tool that allows one to pinpoint an ancestor’s community in present day time. The software enables the user to view current and historical maps, streets, street views and buildings in 3D. It allows the user to overlay historical maps on top of current maps, add photographs and other genealogical information including a Sanborn map. The recording is now available in the "Members Only" section of our website, under "Webinars and Meetings."

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Jewish Genealogy SIG Meeting
Monday, Nov. 2nd
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RootsMagic Special Interest Group Meeting
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French Canadian Genealogy SIG Meeting
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Probate records are often overlooked in some family histories. Sometimes they can bring down your research brick wall. They may show relationships, financial status and life stories of your ancestors.

A military records subscription site is

The 1840 Census asks about names and ages of Pensioners for Revolutionary or other Military Service.

STATE Land States are states that owned and distributed their lands. This includes the original 13 colonies, Kentucky, Maine, Tennessee, Vermont and West Virginia, Hawaii and Texas. They use "metes and bounds" to survey the land.
[Land Records]

Census Naturalization status codes: "Al" for alien, "Pa" for "first papers," and "Na" for naturalized.