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The Villages Genealogical Society sponsors live virtual broadcast presentations as part of your membership.  Learn more about our live monthly General Meetings and Monday Evening Webinars, presenter bio's and how to register to attend Here...  

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November Monthly Meeting Update

Michele Tucker
Congratulations to President Pat Adams and VP Annette Burke-Lyttle. Today they were reelected for another two year term to their respective positions for The VGS. In other news, the membership voted to approve a by-law change raising our annual dues to $10.00 a year from the present $5.00 that was approved 10 years ago.  Michele Tucker Chubenko was our guest speaker for two presentations today.
Her first topic was "The Holiday Talk: Getting to Know Your Families History" and the bonus presentation was "Genealogy Research Using Online Resources."
The recordings and handouts are now available in the "Members Only" section of our website, under "Webinars and Meetings."

November Monday Evening Webinar

Nancy A. Peters
“Cards, Clevises, and Calomel: What Probate Files Reveal about Our Ancestors” was our November Monday evening webinar presented by Nancy A. Peters, CG, CGL. She explained that probate files not only help us discover relationships but also provide details of the ancestral lives provided we know how to find and interpret the documents. Understanding state probate laws helps us determine how the estate was administered, taxed, and distributed.
She spoke about probate process and administration can produce many different documents for the estate. Petition, Bond, Inventory, Accounts, Final Settlements just to name a few.
The recording is available in the "Members Only" section of our website, under "Webinars and Meetings."

October General Meeting Update

Annette Burke
Luana Darby was scheduled to be our guest speaker but due to circumstances beyond her control, she had to cancel. She will be a presenter at a later date. Our talented VP, Annette Burke-Lyttle, took charge with two outstanding presentations “Finding and Using Digitized Manuscript Collections for Genealogical Research” and “Doing a Deep Dive into Collections.”  
If you just type a name in the generic search field on, this is a must presentation for you to become a more accomplished researcher.
Both sessions were well attended and contained information on where to research your family were many researchers would not normally look. The recordings are now available in the "Members Only" section of our website, under "Webinars and Meetings."

October Monday Evening Webinar

At our Monday Evening Webinar in October, Diane asked "Have you explored ledgers?" She said that we can learn so much about your family and the neighborhood through these records.  Store, business (e.g., hotels, livery, stable, distillery, blacksmith, etc), and health related (e.g., Physician, Insane Asylum, etc.) ledgers can link family members and provide many interesting details invaluable to your family history narrative.
Diane said many ledgers are only available off-line, you can determine their existence online using Archivegrid! The recording is now available in the "Members Only" section of our website, under "Webinars and Meetings."

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Tuesday, Dec. 1st
9:30 am
Adoption & Mystery Kin SIG Meeting
Wednesday, Dec. 2nd
9:00 am
French Canadian Genealogy SIG Meeting
Thursday, Dec. 3rd
1:00 pm
Eastern European Genealogy SIG Meeting
Friday, Dec. 4th
9:30 am
British SIG Monthly Meeting
Monday, Dec. 7th
10:00 am
Jewish Genealogy SIG Meeting

Meaningful genealogy requires thought. Develop a research plan and set goals. Why am I doing genealogy? How far back do I want to go? For example, go back 4 generations, or go back to the immigrant ancestor, or even to just do my father's male line, etc.
[Basic Genealogy]

1790-1840 Censuses only list the head of the household, but don't overlook using them. They are helpful to place a family in specific locations at specific times.

The census records may contain a good clue to when a person obtained citizenship.

Church records may include births, christenings, marriages, deaths and burials. Be sure you have the correct church/religious denomination. If you're not sure, search the churches closest to home first and then broaden your search in ever-widening circles.
[Church Records]

A General Family Relationships Chart is a "Family Graph Chart." Names of family members or couples are written in boxes. Optional lines highlight the relationships. Use with generations going down, or across.
[Charts & Forms]