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As Coordinator of the German SIG, Bernie makes it his goal to carry forward the educational mission of the VGS in the realm of German-language genealogy, that includes not only the countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also areas of Eastern Europe with large German ethnic populations.  Meetings take place the second Thursday of each month, 9:30-11:50 am in the Reliance Room of the Lake Miona Recreation Center, 1526 Buena Vista Blvd (Map below).  If you have a question about this SIG, send me an email.
I thank my erstwhile Co-coordinator Margaret Sgritta for her help from 2016 to 2018.  She has been promoted to take on the SIG Coordinator role, so I am actively searching for a replacement.  Please contact me if you are in a position to take on that role for at lease nine months of the year.
For those of us who have been doing genealogy for a while, we realize the challenges that face us---changing borders, language barriers, antiquated script and lack of civil records.  But there is now good news to help us overcome these hurdles.  More and more records are being digitized, not only by the Mormons and, but by many other organizations. Our goal in the German SIG is to keep you abreast of these developments.
While there are no formal presentations during the summer months, we concentrate on problem solving and answering both general and German genealogy questions.  Success stories are always welcome.  September starts our seasonal program of speakers.  Subject matter is genealogy research, German history & culture, emigration patterns in all areas with Germanic populations, past or present.  We are always seeking new speakers.  Presentations are followed by discussion & questions about the subject presented, as well research methodology and new sources and websites supporting Germanic research.
There are several members well versed in many areas of Germanic research both in the U.S. and Europe, who will endeavor to assist other members in solving their research issues.  Bernie, for example, having been born in Germany, speaks the language fluently and is somewhat versed in the old Germanic script.  His area of concentration are the erstwhile German areas of Poland and Czech Republic.
You must be a member of The Villages Genealogical Society to participate in our meetings. We welcome guests to attend once without charge, but if interested in continuing, they are asked to join the Villages Genealogical Society for the budget-breaking amount of $10.00, with $5.00 yearly renewal thereafter.
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Steven Buhrow
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Margaret Fahler Sgritta
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