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The Villages Genealogical Society sponsors live virtual broadcast presentations as part of your membership.
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Upcoming Live Webinars & Meetings
12 Oct 2020
Monday Evening Webinar: - “Genealogical Gems Found in Ledgers”
Guest Speaker: Diane L. Richard, MosiacRPM
28 Oct 2020
Monthly General Meeting: - “The Librarian Knows Where It’s At—Using State Archives and Local Libraries Resources Online” 
Guest Speaker: Luana Darby, AG
28 Oct 2020
Bonus Presentation: - “Finding Hidden Gems: Strategic Searches on the Internet”
Guest Speaker: Luana Darby, AG
9 Nov 2020
Monday Evening Webinar: - “Cards, Clevises, and Calomel: What Probate Files Reveal about Our Ancestors”
Guest Speaker: Nancy A. Peters, CG, CGL
18 Nov 2020
November Monthly Meeting: Session 1 - “The Holiday Talk: Getting to Know Your Family's History”
Guest Speaker: Michelle Tucker Chubenko
18 Nov 2020
November Monthly Meeting: Session 2 - “Genealogy Research Using Online Resources”
Guest Speaker: Michelle Tucker Chubenko
14 Dec 2020
Monday Evening Webinar: - "Preserving Your Ancestor's Textiles and Handmade Treasures"
Guest Speaker: Melissa Baker, The Archive Lady
4 Jan 2021
Monday Evening Webivar: - “The Missing Man: Solving a Mystery with Genealogy Research”
Guest Speaker: Sharon Hoyt, CG
8 Feb 2021
Monday Evening Webinar: - “Government for the People: Leveraging Freedom of Information Laws to Procure Novel Records”
Guest Speaker: Alec Ferretti