The Villages Genealogical Society

Contacting VGS

Mailing Address
The Villages Genealogical Society
2322 Wilton Way
Attn: Pat Adams, President
The Villages, FL 32162
(352) 751-6966
General Inquiry:
President: Ms. Pat Adams
Vice-President: Ms. Annette Lyttle
Secretary: Ms. Sharon Meyer
Treasurer: Ms. Ruth Wible
Historian: Ms. Jan Reinhart
Librarian: Mrs. Donna Yambasky
Membership Chair: Ms. Pat Otterberg
Newsletter Editor: Mr. Bob Boerst
Program Chair: Ms. Annette Lyttle
Publicity Chair: Ms. Ann Peterson
Social Media Chair: Mrs. Diann LaRosa
Special Interest Group Chair: Mr. Dale Heins
Webmaster: Mr. John DeAngelo, Sr.
Support Staff
Seminar Coordinator-Registrar: Mr. Mike Garvin
Printing Coordinator: Ms. Phyllis Sample
Blog Editor: Mr. John DeAngelo, Sr.
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