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Upcoming Special Events

Our 18th Annual All-Day Seminar
February 28, 2018
Registration is now open to VGS members.
Complete Details
If you have a question, contact the Seminar Registrar HERE...
Family History Expo
March 28, 2018
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A Very Special Event
January 2019
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August Monthly Meeting Update (Webinar)

Meeting attendees
August 23, 2017 General Meeting
At our August 23rd meeting 115 members at the Savannah Center and another 77 at remote locations were able to watch our first live webinar presented by Mary Kircher Roddy. Her presentation was entitled “Family Browse. How to Find Unindexed Records in FamilySearch” We were a little nervous on how it would turn out but by all accounts it received very favorable comments.

Here is one comment: Webinar was fantastic!  Got lots of information on how to search that I was not aware of. We need to do more of these webinars.  Thanks.

Here is another...  WONDERFUL!  I've really never done a "live" webinar before. Today went so smoothly, and was SO informative, I must try these more often.  I had no communication, nor volume problems, no break-ups in transmission!
It was wonderful to be here in Cohoes, NY (near the Capital, Albany!) and feel like I was sitting there in the Savannah Center.  (Though missing those happy faces!!!)
Thank you so much for all you do for the VGS, and for this most enlightening seminar!!!!  Thank you to Mary!

A copy of the handout and the link to view the entire webinar from "the cloud" has been sent to all members via email.

July Monthly Meeting Update

Animated pictures of the meeting
July 26, 2017 General Meeting
We had another great turnout for our July summer meeting with about 115 members present. Welcome to two new members.   This month we had two speakers. First was Dusty Matthews from the Leesburg Library. She spoke about the FamilySearch microfilms that they have at the library. She spoke about retention and ordering films before ordering is discontinued at the end of August.  Next we had our very own Vice-President Annette Burke Lyttle and she presented "Chasing Uncle William through the Wilds of Cyberspace." It was a very informative and at times humorous account on her research on her Uncle William Crout. Handouts for both speakers are available in "Members Only> Secure Download's> Meeting Handouts"

Expo is HUGE Success!

We had a fantastic turnout for our Family History Expo on September 28th. Well over 1000 residents attended!  My Heritage and Family Tree Maker Software participated and both were busy the entire day.
Our next Bigger & Better Expo  will be March 28, 2018

VGS Receives the NGS Gold Star Award

Read the Letter from C. Ann Staley, Conference Chair, to President Lannin:
Comments from our members attending the Conference can be read HERE

Admission to meetings of The Villages Genealogy Society is limited to
VGS members and paid guests.”

Monday, Sep. 25th
10:00 am
Technology SIG Meeting & Workshop
Wednesday, Sep. 27th
8:30 am
Brick Wall Solutions SIG Meeting
Wednesday, Sep. 27th
10:00 am
VGS General Monthly Meeting
Monday, Oct. 2nd
10:00 am
Jewish Genealogy SIG Meeting
Wednesday, Oct. 4th
9:00 am
French Canadian Genealogy SIG Meeting

A person who dies "Testate" dies with a will. A person who dies "Intestate" dies without a will.

In 1820 the Federal Government began requiring ship manifest lists but the early years can be difficult to locate.

There are three types of wills: Attested, Holographic and Nuncupative. The attested will is the most common and is prepared for the testator. A holographic will is written by the testator himself. A nuncupative will is the deathbed wishes of the testator, recorded by a witness present at the bedside. All wills must be witnessed.
[Court Records]

Many legal instruments other than deeds appear in deed books. They include Bills of Sale, Prenuptial Agreements, Powers of Attorney, Contracts, Affidavits, Wills and Inventories and Voter and Jury Lists.
[Land Records]

The Family Group Sheet identifies a couple and their children. Everyone with a spouse or child has two group sheets; one as a child with parents and usually one as a parent with children.
[Basic Genealogy]